Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sex Ed. ?

A teacher at Highland Middle School in Indiana accidentally sent her students a topless photo of herself, and the students were suspended. The class had been using an iPad for a lesson when a folder popped up on the screen. The students innocently clicked on the folder and got a not-so-innocent surprise. It's believed that the teacher's iPhone accidentally synced with the iPad, thus transferring all of her naked picture to the device. Understandably, the parents of the suspended children are pissed. One students, 13-year-old Joshua Troutt, said that a topless photo of his teacher appeared unexpectedly after a classmate pressed a button on the iPad. He added that there was nothing they could do to avoid looking at it, and that his teacher must've pressed a button on her iPhone to make it sync. The school district says it has taken action against the teacher, and because she's still on the staff, that action wasn't termination. How awkward is it for that teacher now? via: The Sun/

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