Sunday, December 9, 2012

Judging by the fact that the music video for his song "Gangnam Style" is the most-viewed video on YouTube ever, it's pretty safe to say that South Korean rapper Psy has been fully embraced by the American public. He's even set to perform the National Building Museum's Christmas in Washington concert this Sunday, which will have President Obama in attendance. Everyone loves Psy! But does he love all of us? This is unclear—according to Mediaite, about eight years ago, Psy wasn't so much rapping about the trendy Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea, as much as he was rapping about killing and torturing American soldiers and their families. Yikes. It reportedly happened during a 2004 protest against the U.S. presence in Iraq following the beheading of a Korean missionary by Islamist extremists. Psy and other popular Korean musicians participated in the performance of the song "Dear American" by Korean band N.E.X.T. - and when Psy's turn came, he rapped the following: Kill those fucking Yankees who have been torturing Iraqi captives Kill those fucking Yankees who ordered them to torture Kill their daughters, mothers, daughters-in-law and fathers Kill them all slowly and painfully Double yikes. Additionally, in 2002 Psy participated in a concert protesting the presence of 37,000 American troops in Korea, where his performance consisted of him in gold-face paint lifting a miniature "American tank" and smashing it to the ground as the audience cheered. As of now, Psy is still scheduled to perform at the Christmas concert in Washington this weekend - but there's no denying that people are outraged about this development. Mostly Twitter, because that's where everyone goes when they have strong feelings about anything ever.

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