Sunday, February 3, 2013

A very SUPER sunday.

Within the last year or so my father has been losing his sight due to diabetes, and recently it had begun to give him headaches. So he visited his doctor and had to under go emergency laser eye surgery friday morning. The sugery was on the eye he can see most out of, the other eye being almost completely blind already. After the sugery he had to have his eye patched leaving him unable to see. Being a huge 49er fan he then asked the doctor if he would be able to see sundays game (its been 18 years since he's seen his favorite team play in the superbowl) but the doctor wasn't able to answer him. The truth was the doctor was not sure if the surgery would leave his sight at the same level it was or perhaps worse. But yesterday my mom took the patch off of my fathers eye to find that he WOULD be able to see todays game, although he is still recovering and his sight is blurry. We know that something is better than nothing. So today as your watching the superbowl be appreciative to see what you do, and enjoy with good company be it family or friends.
Much love, - [G]


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