Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Marpac Dohm Sound Machine: What dreams are made of.

 I’ve tried everything else. Earplugs, which my friends swear by, but fall out while I sleep. All the apps: Rain Rain, White Noise, and Noisli. The sound quality is only as good (read: bad) as your phone’s speaker, and there’s nothing worse than when an app designed to help you fall asleep turns off midway through the night—generally right when your roommate, child, or neighborhood ambulance decides to disrupt your peaceful slumber. (Yes, you can upgrade to the paid app that will go on endlessly but I haven’t liked any enough to upgrade.) Besides, none can recreate the blissfully flat, analog ambient whir of the Dohm. My only complaint? Once you start getting used to sleeping with the White Noise Sound Machine, you’ll want a travel size as small as a bottle of Ambien.

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